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Pei Wen
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PEI WEN. 16th october 1987. libra. singaporean chinese. daughter. friend. student. resides in the eastern part of singapore and totally loving it!

THE WRITER. writes alot on a random basis - its normal to see short and meaningless entries and in contrast, lengthy and detailed entries. randomness is her style.

her mood varies drastically, one minute being really down to being very hyped up the next. she calls it the sudden adrenaline rush. loves the me-time and equally the time with the company of friends. contradicts herself all the time.

a procrastinator in everything she does. don't be surprised if events are written down more than one month later, or not at all.

absolute love for random picture spams :D so beware of long page loading time. enjoys photoshop(ping) pictures for the huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that only herself can comprehend.


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