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21 January 2008 @ 04:42 pm
The layout revamp is still in the process......

My elder sister went off to Hong Kong for a short trip with her friends yesterday, will only be back on Friday. She only paid $150+ (including taxes) for her two-way trip ticket to Macau (her friend managed to book the one way trip at $0.99, and so the bulk of the air tickets was on the return trip). She'll be taking a ferry over to HK from Macau. It sounds rather cheap, and that makes me want to go so much!! ;_; why don't they have budget airlines to Japan? :/ I only told her to get Converse shoes and cheap Espirit clothes for me because i really have LIMITED things to wear for school! She'll probably bring back some food too, yay! I wouldn't mind even if she buys back random things for me. ;P I kinda told her to pick some nice stuffs for our shop, so hopefully she manages to get something! :)

When will i get a chance to travel? I've never taken a plane before! -_____-

Didn't come online yesterday because i have a feeling that my frequent headaches could be due to too much time spent in front of the desktop. Spent my time watching TV instead. And i did TRY to study. I was doing some Microeconomics tutorial in the study room from 11pm - 2am, although i think i was majorly distracted to just listening to my songs instead. Well, at least i did SOMETHING. :/ I finally went to bed much earlier than usual, 2am! Need to slowly get to the habit of sleeping early.

Went to Bedok with the family yesterday for some grocery shopping, i think we'll be buying New Year goodies in another 1-2 weeks, YAY because i love food! Oh, and my Motorola V3 flip phone is really giving way. The creaking by the sides is freaky, like it'll split into two anytime. I took over the ownership of that mobile cuz my sister didn't want it in the past. Went to extend my Dad's Singtel contract to get my K770i which was out of stock in all the shops! Luckily we can collect our mobile when the stocks comes in on Tuesday! What's good about that deal is that ... its $0! ;P I'm just not one who would spend on mobile as long as i can sms/call, but a good camera (3.2megapixel) is just an advantage for me! The thought of 2424325 people using that same phone (since its zero dollar) isn't exactly a nice thought, but well, at least i'm back to being a Sony Ericsson mobile user. SE over Moto phone, anytime!
Jayessbsb87angel on January 22nd, 2008 07:30 am (UTC)
Imma SE fan too! w850i user. :D
I wish there's budget airlines to Korea or something too.