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18 January 2008 @ 02:20 am
why did i post this as private yesterday?  
I went for a haircut today. And it really has nothing to do with Nino announcing that he will be cutting his hair soon. Sidetracking, i'm anticipating something DIFFERENT. I LIKE SURPRISES! :)

Not coincidental since i've been wanting and needing a haircut for long. And since CNY is around the corner, my Mom has been nagging for me to at least go get a trim. So, i went back to the neighbourhood salon i went the other time for the cut. I think the concave haircut seems to be shorter than the last time i cut, to my absolute horror. D; My hair is also very difficult to tame, the sides curl all over the place in a mess! I conclude that i shouldn't have gotten this kind of haircut since i'm lazy and will only blow my hair once in a while when i'm in the mood, and a concave bob-like hairstyle is not easy to maintain without constant blowing since i have ugly sides. And you know how disasterous it can look when you don't do it properly! I'm already feeling lazy about doing it everyday. -_- I think i have ugly hair when i'm at home (not that its any different when i'm out).

The haircut wasn't cheap for a neighbourhood salon. I paid $16 (up from $13 the last time round) and it was merely cut! My sister was telling me how she got her hair cut+wash at $22 at Heatwave regularly, and she can arrange with her favourite hairdresser if i want. -_- The very lazy me is now lazy to tidy my hair. GROW HAIR GROW! Next time i should just go back to simple layering of my hair. I kinda miss my short ponytail days in JC (and the healthier looking skin!)! ):

And i was thinking if i should buy Arashi's new single set to release in February. Its their 21st single, and i will be turning 21 this year!! It'll be something to remember! Okay, maybe i can force ask my friends to buy me all the 21 singles as a birthday present. LOL. Taiwan/HK versions are cheap lah :P Yes fineeeee, 9 more months to go. HAHAHA. I'm intending to draw up a wishlist!

I think i just downloaded a bunch of fonts enough for a year. How exaggerated. :/ I want to do a new layout and put up new icons for my journal (since photoshop time has been committed to my shop for a long while).

I should really be studying instead of sitting down here. And now i'm tired. I hope i do some Econometrics tomorrow. I feel so screwed for school. Two tests in a week in two weeks' time and i'm feeling worried. Prelims in 1 month plus time, and actual Exams in about 4 months.
sysiying on January 21st, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)
Yah! Ww can tell you all about him haha, think his name is spelt Jaren.

Ooh I'm doing great here, though I'm not in London anymore. I was only in London for a "holiday" before school starts in Lancaster, which is where I'm at now :D